Are my subcontract people considered workers or independent operators for WSIB purposes?

See the link below that contains the guidelines associated with workers & independent operators.

if the individual is determined to be a worker, you must provide WSIB coverage for them.

If the individual is determined to be an independent operator, you should discuss their WSIB status with them.

Construction industry - do I have to have coverage if I am an owner?

Yes, you are generally required to be under WSIB coverage if you are an owner in the construction industry. See the link below for more detailed information.

How do I get a clearance certificate?

Obtaining a clearance certificate is easy to do online if you have signed up for an eServices account. Click on the link below to begin your clearance certificate.

How do I register for WSIB?

Complete the registration from the link below

What are the current group rate classifications & premium rates for 2015?

Click on the link below to access the current information.