Effective Planning

The filing of your corporate tax return is a necessary annual compliance activity.

Effective and proactive tax planning, however, is an ongoing dialogue that you should engage in.

Planning points can include:

  • Allocation of bonuses and timing of payments;
  • Declaration and timing of payment of dividends;
  • The ability to income split with family members on a bona fide basis;
  • The impact of reimbursements of certain expenses;
  • The claiming of certain government tax credit incentives, where applicable

Additional planning points can arise from your own particular business situation.

Client Testimonials
  • " My wife and I have been dealing with Michael’s firm since we moved to Barrie eight years ago. He, his colleague Helen, and the rest of his staff have been more than helpful. Their expertise in estate, corporate, and individual financial planning, as well as keeping current with the ever-changing tax regulations pertinent to our portfolios — both Canadian and American, have well suited our needs. We would not hesitate to recommend them enthusiastically to anyone looking for accounting, tax and/or planning related advice. "

    Larry & Janice Black

  • " As a small business owner and operator dealing with day to day business is challenging enough. I am so grateful to have Michael and his team looking after our corporate and personal taxes. Mike's personal approach not only deals with current taxation year but planning strategies for the future as well. I have dealt with Mike and his staff members on a personal level as well. They are all an asset to our business. Thank you Mike for your assistance whenever we have needed it. "

    Kevin & Sonja Benson - Benson Heating & Air

  • " My husband and I were referred to Mike’s firm three years ago. They have been invaluable to us. We are a small business needed guidance on both a business and personal level. Phyllis has assisted us with bookkeeping and accounting matters for our business and she has always been there to answer any questions we have had. On a personal level Mike has given us advice on estate and tax planning. Our financial life is, to me, a complex situation but to Mike it is just another day at the office and we are blessed to be able to put our faith in his and his team's abilities. Mike’s staff have been friendly and compassionate in their dealings with us and there is always a smile is there to greet you when you walk in. You are a person to them and not a number which is refreshing in today’s world - they actually remember your name! We are looking forward to a long and happy relationship them. "

    Glen & Pam Shakell - Shakell’s Wrecking Yard

  • " The feedback that I’ve received from clients who deal with Mike’s firm has been very positive - clients appreciate their down-to-earth approach. Mike manages to help them get the most out of their personal and business accounting & tax needs. "

    Keith G. Richards, CMT, CIM, FCSI

  • " One would wonder why anyone living in Toronto would ever contract an accountant in Barrie and go through the aggravation of a long distance relationship. The reason, quite frankly, is I couldn’t find a firm in Toronto that has the same personal approach as Mike and his staff. Previously, I had been with a big firm for a number of years and went through an ongoing stream of individuals-generally a new one each year. I continually had to spend time bringing them up to speed & by the time they understood my situation they were gone - I never could develop an ongoing business relationship with any of them. Mike was recommended to me by one of his peers and I knew within two minutes of meeting him for the first time that he would be my accountant for the foreseeable future. I could sense that Mike’s firm could provide the professional services that would fit my corporate and personal needs as well as being enjoyable to work with - I could develop a long term business relationship with them. To date, working with Mike and his staff is a pleasure and I expect it to continue through the years ahead. "

    Gerry Sumner

  • " I have been using the services of Michael Kostrich Chartered Accountant since 2009 to prepare our corporate tax returns for Canada Revenue Agency and year-end financial statements for other government Ministries. We have numerous revenue sources and our book keeping is probably a little more complex than an average small business. I have found Mike and his team to be very organized in their approach, providing excellent service personalized to our unique needs. They deal with matters in an expedient manner ensuring that C.R.A. and other deadlines are consistently met. His office offers ongoing support throughout the year and I know if I have a question the answer is only an e-mail or phone call away. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his team to any small business owner who is looking for help with their accounting and tax needs. "

    Jan Beauregard - Owner/President | The Money Machine

  • " Mike’s firm have been my “go to” source for several years – they are an amazing resource for a small company like mine. I have referred several of my clients to this office for year-end filings and more complex tax and retirement planning issues – their years of experience provide meaningful advise for my client’s needs. His staff reflect his qualities and are not only courteous, and kind, but well trained and knowledgeable. A combination that is hard to find. They have earned my utmost confidence in all accounting matters by continuing to perform in a professional, confidential, and timely manner over the years. It requires so much effort to run a business - any business. Those of you that have built your ideas to fruition, or are just beginning a journey, can trust that Mike and his firm understands the big picture - your picture - your future. "

    Jaime Grant - Grant Bookkeeping Services

  • " We have been involved in planning and developing a small subdivision for the past several years. As the work and tax implications became more demanding and complex, we realized we needed to retain an accountant to advise and keep us on track. We were referred to Michael’s firm by a business acquaintance. At the initial meeting we explained our situation and what we hoped to achieve and asked Michael for his advice on how to best accomplish same. He provided clear cut solutions for organizing our paperwork, HST advice and the best options for the timing of selling our lots to maximize our return while still following the letter of the law with regard to income tax. We continue to be impressed with the advice and recommendations provided to us. Michael is always available to meet with us for pre-tax year questions on short notice. He and his staff are helpful, well informed and respond to any questions we have in a friendly and timely manner. We definitely would not hesitate to recommend Michael for anything to do with business or personal tax returns - his advice has been invaluable. "

    Dan & Karen Henderson

  • " We have been clients of Mike’s firm for many years. He and his team have worked with us on annual corporate & personal tax filings, retirement & estate planning, and issues surrounding real estate dispositions. They have always been extremely helpful, very thorough and all work has been completed in a timely fashion. We are especially appreciative of the time Mike spends answering any questions we have. They are professional and genuinely care about their clients' concerns. "

    Eileen & Allan Wilson

  • " Mike and his staff have been helping with our personal and corporate accounting since we moved to the Barrie area over 14 years ago. His planning and advice on our various companies and personal returns have been very helpful. I especially appreciate how well we communicate and come to a quick but well thought out tax strategy going forward. His hand picked staff like Helen and Lynda share the same conscientious and caring manner. They are good people. Don't hesitate to use their services. "

    The Howard Family - H E Developments

  • " Michael’s firm has brought a great deal of clarity and direction to our company through their services. We very much appreciate the personal approach he and his staff provide which allows us to see and understand our accounting and tax alternatives with transparency. Always extremely professional and informative, we highly recommend Michael Kostrich CPA Professional Corporation to be part of your advisory team! "

    Trevor Howard & Bryan Bowen - Media Suite Inc.

  • " Mike’s firm was referred to us by a mortgage broker that we use for our real estate ventures. From the onset of our first meeting my wife and I immediately knew that Mike was a good fit to be part of our team of advisors we were building. He took the time to explain things slowly in a manner which we could easily understand. His patience was evident as we had an endless blast of "what if’s" and "can you explain that" questions as he laid out the landscape of how our real estate journey would look like from a tax perspective. His team is extremely professional and thorough – the many emails and texts that were sent back and forth gave us a true sense of their personal approach!! I would definitely recommend Mike and his staff to any new or seasoned real estate investors - we know we are in good hands moving forward. "

    Dan Spencer & Sheila Currie - Real Estate Investors

  • " Michael’s firm has brought a great deal of clarity and direction to our company through their services. We very much appreciate the personal approach he and his staff provide which allows us to see and understand our accounting and tax alternatives with transparency. Always extremely professional and informative, we highly recommend Michael Kostrich CPA Professional Corporation to be part of your advisory team! "

    Trevor Howard / Bryan Bowen - MediaSuite

  • " We have had Michael’s firm deal with our corporate, personal and real estate holdings for the last decade. He and his staff have taken a continual caring interest in our overall situation and when needed his referral network connections have been very helpful to us. Our firm also utilizes Mike in a consulting capacity to dissect complex client scenarios into practical bite sized issues to address. At times, we also directly refer him to clients to provide advice on their own corporate or personal situations. In both cases, our firm and our clients have found his approach to be a pleasant change and his advice to be of great value. We have no hesitation in recommending Michael’s firm to entrepreneur’s who are looking for a valued CPA firm to be part of their advisory team. "

    Milt Carr - President - Milt Carr & Associates

  • " We have been using Michael’s firm as our accountant for over 10 years and we have been very happy with their services. Mike is very knowledgeable and is always a true professional. He has provided us with great advice regarding our taxes and real estate investments and has directed us to very good people regarding financial investments. It is without hesitation that we recommend Michael’s firm to our family and friends. "

    Jason & Angela Pino