Financial Statements


Often all you need are financial statements prepared annually to file with your corporate tax returns & provide to your banking relationship account manager.

In these situations, we can compile the information you provide us into presentation formats that are easy to read and provide a summarized financial picture of your business activities.


Reviews provide a higher (albeit limited) level of assurance of your financial statements over those that are prepared on a compilation basis.

It's possible you may require these as a result of:

  • Satisfying loan requirements with a lender;
  • A shareholder's agreement condition with private investors;
  • A bonding requirement with an insurance company;
  • A regulatory governmental agency requirement

In these situations, we work with you to provide financial statements so that both you and your requested source can easily understand and interpret your companyís financial performance.


We currently do not provide audited financial statement services. However we would be happy to direct you to trusted colleagues who can assist you in this regard.

Client Testimonials
  • " I find the staff at Michaelís firm to be very friendly, accessible and helpful. They are always straightforward and answer my questions thoughtfully. When I needed Mike's help to become a guarantor for my son in England, Mike went out of his way to send the required information more than once and check to make sure everything went OK. I would highly recommend Mikeís firm for your accounting & tax needs. "

    Doug Young - Owner/ General Manager, Barrie Sports Dome

  • " As the majority shareholder of four small corporations, Mike and his team have become an extremely valuable business partner and resource for our companies in very short order. After a glowing endorsement from my financial advisor and a terrific introductory meeting, we switched from a much larger firm we had been dealing with for more than a decade because Mike offered a more reasonable pricing structure and more importantly, he truly understood our various needs which worked hand-in-hand with his expert and personalized service. In addition to providing excellent accounting and tax services, Mike has offered invaluable business advice which has assisted us as we build our new business and transition our other more established ones. His team is always professional, timely in their responses, and very helpful. We look forward to a terrific long term relationship with Mike and his team. "

    Peter Kilburn, President - The YES Inc, Group of Companies