Accounting Software

Setup, Training & Ongoing Support

As a business owner you are typically great at what you do but "administrivia" is just not your thing. If that's the case, then choosing, installing & customizing accounting software for your business needs can be a real challenge.

Our team can work with yours to ensure you pick the right software and provide you with a smooth transition to get your record keeping up and running.

In addition, we can provide ongoing training or support either remotely or in your office.

Our expertise can help you, your staff & your organization:

  • save time and money on recording keeping duties;
  • increase your knowledge and proficiency in best utilizing the software;
  • guide you in creating the right reporting to help you make better business decisions.

Client Testimonials
  • " When I established my business in 2001, I set out to select my professional advisory team which included the services of an accountant. My previous 25 years had been spent employed in two small businesses where in addition to my normal duties I acted as the companyís Treasurer. In those days, I had the assistance of our company accounting staff, a large professional accounting firm and later an individual accounting professional. Decisions then had been by consensus which in my opinion was good for the moral of employees but only slightly positive for business. During my search a friend suggested Michaelís firm and staff as a possible solution - I can say I have never looked back. Michael has given me the experience I needed to manage the accounting and taxation parts of my company operations. I have also learned a new computerized accounting system & have gained a lot of confidence in recording my ongoing activity thanks to Ms. Helen Hogan. Michael and his staff members have provided me with professional yet practical advice. They do so with an excellent attitude, in a friendly manner and by a team approach. We have periodic discussions regarding our business and personal estate / retirement planning, year-end filings and tax planning around asset purchases and real estate dispositions. I have achieved success in my business and personal life in part from being able to better understand how the accounting and taxation process affects my goals and objectives. We have continued to retain Michaelís firm after our relocation from Barrie to Peterborough in 2011 because of the enthusiasm and trust we have experienced - thank you for all you do for us! "

    Petr Sabata, P. Eng - Atlas Engineering Inc.