Starting A Business

What You Need to Know

Taking the leap of faith to start a business venture is never an easy step.

Regardless of how prepared you feel, it's always a good idea to consult / seek advice from those who have been there and know what awaits you as you move forward.

We can help alleviate some of those “new business” concerns by meeting with you to review your business venture and discuss strategies to ensure you build a good strong foundation.

These include:

  • The type of business structure you should use (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation);
  • How to protect your personal assets from the start should your business venture run into difficulty;
  • Understanding the differences between hiring employees and subcontractors that work for you;
  • How to establish communication & set up account information with various government agencies (CRA, WSIB, EHT);
  • What you need to do to establish a good working relationship with your banker;
  • Determining what government incentive programs are available to assist you along the way

Client Testimonials
  • " I first began working with Michael a few years ago as a student. Even though my taxes were not necessarily complicated then, Michael was always very patient and thorough in his approach to working with me. He always treated my needs in the same light as a professional with a more complex financial picture. This was refreshing, because as a student it’s easy to be overlooked by someone dismissing the lack of financial income as someone that doesn’t need help. As a professional now, I have been overjoyed at Michael’s consistency. He never had to change his tone or approach to my file because he was always treating me with the utmost care from the beginning continuing to today. He is clearly passionate about his work and I can see that in his approach to working with his clients. He works to find the best path for your own situation while ensuring you can save as much in terms of taxes as possible. I firmly place my confidence in Michael and his skills and highly encourage anyone curious about their accounting and tax needs to have a chat with Michael! "

    Matt Tribe - B.Sc, DC

  • " My husband & I have been clients of Mike’s firm for many years. We had started building a real estate investment portfolio & were referred to him by a professional at our bank. He has professionally handled the 'ins & outs' of the rental properties we have bought, managed & sold, as well as our personal taxes. More recently, we branched out into entrepreneurship when we partnered with a health & wellness network marketing company. That business quickly took off and we soon realized we needed to incorporate our operations. Mike & his staff helped us navigate the incorporation process, corporate taxes, HST & the extra bookkeeping required with ease. We are thankful for all their great service & and ongoing reliable business advice. As the shareholders of a growing global, online business, we are happy to recommend Mike & his staff to handle your accounting, tax & business advisory needs. "

    Christine & Scott Buchanan