Investment Holding Corporations

As you begin to accumulate wealth over your personal and corporate life, you will eventually need to consider how best to manage them both.

We understand the benefits of managing such wealth within a corporate environment.

These include:

  • Retaining as much as possible on an after tax basis within a corporation to build wealth;
  • Determining the best Income splitting opportunities among family members;
  • Knowing the taxation treatment of investment type income (interest, dividends, capital gains);
  • Understanding which portions of tax on investments can be refunded back when dividends are paid to shareholders;
  • The ability to distribute non-taxable portions of corporate income to shareholders tax free

In addition, we can help alleviate the burden of recording the details of your investment activity by doing your bookkeeping for your holding corporation.

Client Testimonials
  • " My wife and I have been dealing with Michaelís firm since we moved to Barrie eight years ago. He, his colleague Helen, and the rest of his staff have been more than helpful. Their expertise in estate, corporate, and individual financial planning, as well as keeping current with the ever-changing tax regulations pertinent to our portfolios ó both Canadian and American, have well suited our needs. We would not hesitate to recommend them enthusiastically to anyone looking for accounting, tax and/or planning related advice. "

    Larry & Janice Black