Entrepreneurial & Small Business

Starting a business is rarely all "fun and games". In fact when you dreamed of owning your own business, it didn't involve accounting entries, employee issues, cash flow fluctuations & regulatory requirements, did it ? These are some of the time-consuming activities can distract you from your core business functions like product development, sales and customer service.

But someone has to keep an eye on the numbers and outsourcing that is the smart and cost-effective way to get top quality “administrivia” work done without adding employees to the payroll.

That’s where we can help. We can tailor an individualized service plan for you and your company that meets your needs and budget. Our goal is not only to keep you focused on what you do best & help you achieve your business and personal financial goals, so you can do the things you love, and enjoy owning a business.

Client Testimonials
  • " For the past twelve years Michael’s firm have been my accountants for both corporate and personnel accounting services. Mike and his staff have provided excellent professional services and I look forward to continuing our business relationship in the future. "

    Jim Sulker - Sulker Enterprises

  • " As a small business owner Michael’s firm has been the perfect find for all of my accounting & tax needs, business advice and support. Mike and his team place customer satisfaction at the top of their agenda and back it up with all of the knowledge you could ever need to know for running a business. Any enquiry or concern is swiftly dealt with and the support offered is second to none. As a potential new business owner or existing company I would recommend Mike, his staff & firm as the perfect support for you - I have total confidence in them as they earn it on a daily basis. "

    Joe Floriano - Entrepreneur

  • " Mike and his team are a pleasure to work with. They are knowledgeable, thorough and have provided us with the on-going support we need to run our business effectively. Helen was a great help in setting up our bookkeeping process, allowing us to focus on our growing business. We could not be happier with the service they provide. "

    Heather Reid, CEO - Animal Experience International

  • " My husband and I were referred to Mike’s firm three years ago. They have been invaluable to us. We are a small business needed guidance on both a business and personal level. Phyllis has assisted us with bookkeeping and accounting matters for our business and she has always been there to answer any questions we have had. On a personal level Mike has given us advice on estate and tax planning. Our financial life is, to me, a complex situation but to Mike it is just another day at the office and we are blessed to be able to put our faith in his and his team's abilities. Mike’s staff have been friendly and compassionate in their dealings with us and there is always a smile is there to greet you when you walk in. You are a person to them and not a number which is refreshing in today’s world - they actually remember your name! We are looking forward to a long and happy relationship them. "

    Glen & Pam Shakell - Shakell’s Wrecking Yard

  • " I find the staff at Michael’s firm to be very friendly, accessible and helpful. They are always straightforward and answer my questions thoughtfully. When I needed Mike's help to become a guarantor for my son in England, Mike went out of his way to send the required information more than once and check to make sure everything went OK. I would highly recommend Mike’s firm for your accounting & tax needs. "

    Doug Young - Owner/ General Manager, Barrie Sports Dome

  • " One would wonder why anyone living in Toronto would ever contract an accountant in Barrie and go through the aggravation of a long distance relationship. The reason, quite frankly, is I couldn’t find a firm in Toronto that has the same personal approach as Mike and his staff. Previously, I had been with a big firm for a number of years and went through an ongoing stream of individuals-generally a new one each year. I continually had to spend time bringing them up to speed & by the time they understood my situation they were gone - I never could develop an ongoing business relationship with any of them. Mike was recommended to me by one of his peers and I knew within two minutes of meeting him for the first time that he would be my accountant for the foreseeable future. I could sense that Mike’s firm could provide the professional services that would fit my corporate and personal needs as well as being enjoyable to work with - I could develop a long term business relationship with them. To date, working with Mike and his staff is a pleasure and I expect it to continue through the years ahead. "

    Gerry Sumner

  • " We have been with Michael’s firm for many years and have found that the service we received from Michael and his staff has always been excellent.  He thinks like an entrepreneur, so his business advice and networking connections have greatly benefited our businesses on an ongoing basis. We have been very happy with the firm’s services and will continue to use Michael’s firm for our business and personal needs. "

    Ron & Monica Trivett - Golden Environmental Services Inc.

  • " I have been using the services of Michael Kostrich Chartered Accountant since 2009 to prepare our corporate tax returns for Canada Revenue Agency and year-end financial statements for other government Ministries. We have numerous revenue sources and our book keeping is probably a little more complex than an average small business. I have found Mike and his team to be very organized in their approach, providing excellent service personalized to our unique needs. They deal with matters in an expedient manner ensuring that C.R.A. and other deadlines are consistently met. His office offers ongoing support throughout the year and I know if I have a question the answer is only an e-mail or phone call away. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his team to any small business owner who is looking for help with their accounting and tax needs. "

    Jan Beauregard - Owner/President | The Money Machine

  • " Mike, l would like to pass on a very appreciative thank you to not only yourself but your hard working staff. Your dedicated professionalism and thoroughness makes it a pleasure doing business with your firm. "

    Fred Kesak - All Season Storage

  • " My husband & I have been clients of Mike’s firm for many years. We had started building a real estate investment portfolio & were referred to him by a professional at our bank. He has professionally handled the 'ins & outs' of the rental properties we have bought, managed & sold, as well as our personal taxes. More recently, we branched out into entrepreneurship when we partnered with a health & wellness network marketing company. That business quickly took off and we soon realized we needed to incorporate our operations. Mike & his staff helped us navigate the incorporation process, corporate taxes, HST & the extra bookkeeping required with ease. We are thankful for all their great service & and ongoing reliable business advice. As the shareholders of a growing global, online business, we are happy to recommend Mike & his staff to handle your accounting, tax & business advisory needs. "

    Christine & Scott Buchanan

  • " As a new client of Mike’s firm there was extra work required by them to review & reconcile prior year activity in our accounting records to ensure it was consistent with what was filed on my tax returns. Mike & his staff were very helpful in “cleaning up the past” and providing direction as to how to deal with certain issues in the future. Mike also provided referrals for other professional services which was very helpful as it saved me valuable time that I could dedicate to my business operations. "

    Kevin McLaughin - Centerline Installations Inc.

  • " Our firm has been using the Michael Kostrich team for over 10 years now for all of our accounting needs. We are very pleased with the responsiveness and professionalism of Lynda, Phyllis and Mike when in a time crunch and requesting service or documents. This team really knows their stuff and I wouldn't think of using anyone else. "

    Kimberley Beggs - Integra Design Studio

  • " We are relatively new clients to Michael’s firm and couldn't feel more confident of having them as part of our advisory team. When we first had the pleasure of meeting Mike, he called and set up a time to stop by our shop just to meet us and get a "feel" for "OUR" business. His gentle and non pressure approach was welcoming. For those of us who don't talk "financial jargon", Mike certainly knew how to communicate to us in a language that we understood. That first "year" end had lots of questions & background digging and seemed overwhelming but he and his staff took the time to explain why, and didn't rush through things – they are professional, courteous and extremely diligent. I feel more confident of our accounting and tax situation because of Mike and his staff. They are professional, courteous and extremely diligent. We are thrilled to have made the switch to Michael Kostrich CPA Professional Corporation and would NOT hesitate to refer anyone, or any company BIG or small to them. "

    Chantelle Vroom - Superior Tire & Auto

  • " We were referred to Mike by a well-known corporate law firm in Barrie and are extremely appreciative for that referral. From the very start, we have been provided with outstanding accounting and bookkeeping services as well as professional advice and guidance pertinent to our growing business needs. Mike’s team are always there to assist and answer all of our questions whenever needed and we are always comforted in knowing and trusting that whatever advise or counsel given is assured to be both qualified and in our best interest. We have, and will continue to recommend the firm to all of our business associates, family members and friends. "

    Deb Curtis - President - Cranston's Ontario Inc.

  • " I was referred to Michael’s firm by a few different banks. I had a business in mind that was different from most and getting financing was an issue. We sat down and discussed my business concept with Mike from which he was able to create a business plan that made sense to a financial lender. He then put me in touch with his networked connections in the financial world and really got the ball rolling for us and I was then able to proceed with opening my business. However, Mike didn't stop there. He knew I was new to the business world of small independents. He introduced me to his business network (BNI) where I met several business owners. Mike also referred me to other businesses who could assist with my business' needs. When there was an issue with an HST filing, Mike and his staff worked diligently to successfully resolve the issue with the CRA. He has also been a great supporter of my business and I can't thank him enough for everything he has done for me. Whether you want someone to review your business idea to ensure it has a sound business plan behind it or if you just need an CPA that you can trust I highly recommend Michael Kostrich CPA Professional Corporation. They see the person behind the numbers and work with them as part of their advisory team to help them grow and prosper. "

    Tadeene Mulders - Perplexcity Escape Rooms and Board Game Cafe

  • " As the majority shareholder of four small corporations, Mike and his team have become an extremely valuable business partner and resource for our companies in very short order. After a glowing endorsement from my financial advisor and a terrific introductory meeting, we switched from a much larger firm we had been dealing with for more than a decade because Mike offered a more reasonable pricing structure and more importantly, he truly understood our various needs which worked hand-in-hand with his expert and personalized service. In addition to providing excellent accounting and tax services, Mike has offered invaluable business advice which has assisted us as we build our new business and transition our other more established ones. His team is always professional, timely in their responses, and very helpful. We look forward to a terrific long term relationship with Mike and his team. "

    Peter Kilburn, President - The YES Inc, Group of Companies

  • " We have the highest regard for the professionalism of Mike and the entire team at Michael Kostrich CPA Professional Corporation. Over the past 10 years they have provided both personal and business advice to our group of companies. In that time they have always been punctual and professional with all of our fiscal reporting, company payroll, bookkeeping, and tax services. They help our businesses run extremely efficiently because they have truly partnered with our companies in order to keep us on track all the time. The personal and courteous service of all the team members, the prompt answers to any and all questions, their careful attention to detail & up-to-the-minute knowledge of current tax laws, and wonderful advice have all been factors which have contributed to the continuous success at our companies …. we feel truly fortunate to have this hard-working team in our corner. Michael is also very well networked in the financial industry and can give entrepreneurs and small business owners the right referrals, professional advice and direction they need to grow and prosper. "

    Lawrence & Kimberly Crook - Glow Day Spa Inc | Slide’em Inc | Muskoka Spa Resorts Holdings Co.Corp

  • " We were fortunate to have engaged Michael’s firm in the spring of 2020 to help with the growing needs of our company. The support we have received from Mike and his team has been invaluable in managing our business during the COVID pandemic as they helped us negotiate through all the complexities of the government programs & initiatives that were available to us. Mike and his staff are knowledgeable, informative, and easy to talk to – they have delivered the help and support that we have been seeking in an accounting firm. As we move forward with our ever-growing business, we are confident that they will be able to provide the appropriate practices and strategies to ensure that our financial future is built on a strong foundation. Thank you so much! "

    Cyril & Mandi Hayes - Resolution Physiotherapy and IMS Clinic